Winter is the most varied of seasons when it comes to the weather, so it is important that you choose from our extensive list of car cover so that your vehicle is protected no matter how bad the storms or how frequent the sun showers. You must carefully consider what it is that you require your vehicle to be protected from, after all modern vehicles are designed to be waterproof so is it really water resistance that you need? Would you be better off with one of our lightweight car covers that is designed to protect against dirt and debris, or are you more concerned with knocks, bumps and scratches in winter? Whatever you consider to be most potentially hazardous to your car one of our covers will be perfect at keeping it well protected throughout winter.

Winter rain and wind
Obviously the rain falls heavier and more frequently in the winter and if this is a concern for you then you should consider one of our heavy duty waterproof car covers or our popular waterproof half car covers. These are designed to repel the heaviest of storms, and their unique elasticated fitting systems allow them to be quickly fitted and will also keep them fixed firmly in place throughout strong winds. Stormy weather can often rip car covers from other manufacturers straight off the vehicles they are supposed to be protecting leaving them exposed to the elements. You will find our car covers much more secure and protective than anything you have used in the past.

Snow and ice
Snow and ice can be very hazardous for your vehicle in winter. Our car covers form a protective barrier that any falling winter snow will sit on, separating the snow from the surface of your vehicle. This is important because as the snow sits (especially if left overnight) it will gradually freeze. When the snow settles it finds its way into various fixtures, fittings, nooks and crannies on your vehicle and then as the freezing action occurs it expands. This can result in stresses forming around the ice that can potentially lead to splits and cracks if not dealt with properly. A good set of winter car covers is really the only way to deal with this situation once and for all, prevention is much better and easier than treatment.

Hailstones hammering down at a rate of knots can cause untold damage to your vehicle. Of course you cannot protect your car all of the time in winter but it is a sensible precaution to use one of our car covers overnight and when your vehicle is parked to prevent hailstones from chipping away at the paint and finish. You may think that this is a rare occurrence but it is actually surprisingly common, hailstones can fall at a very rapid rate and odd shaped hail is commonly reported that can be as large as a golf ball in rare situations. Why would you take the risk of this chipping away at your vehicle when you could simply use one of our winter car covers to keep your pride and joy safe and sound whatever the weather may be? Peace of mind is priceless and our covers provide precisely that.

Frosty winter mornings
One of the most useful features of our car covers (particularly our waterproof half car covers) in winter is that they can be used as frost shields to stop frost settling on your windscreens overnight. Simply fit your cover when you return home in the evening and leave it on overnight, and when you return to your car in the morning simply remove any covers and you can immediately drive away. There is nothing quite as infuriating as having to spend half an hour chipping away at frost that has formed on your windscreen and wing mirrors, and many of the commercial anti-freeze substances on the market prove to be quite harmful and abrasive and are not something you wish to be using every day. Help prevent winter frosts form ruining your motoring experience with winter covers from our website.