Summer is often the thing people least associate with car covers and properly protecting their vehicles. In reality there are a multitude of potential hazards out there that could leave your vehicle in a frightful state if not properly dealt with. At worst you could end up with a large bill for having the finish of your vehicle repaired, even though modern paints and protective finishes are better than they have ever been in the past they can still be damaged quite easily bird an errant bird dropping or sap covered leaf that missed your attention. Our car covers can prevent all of these typically summer problems. Find out more about how our car covers can help you in summer below.

Dust and grime
Dust occurs much more readily in the spring and summer months due the drier weather. Normally moisture in the atmosphere prevents too much dust from building up, but when the air becomes dry in summer dust and other airborne particulates accumulate and these can settle on your vehicle. The simply application of one our many car covers can prevent this from happening, because it is when the dust settles that it begins to cause problems. It can find its way into even the smallest of nooks and crannies including almost microscopic crevices and seemingly airtight spaces. Once summer dust has began to build up in these spots it will be almost impossible to remove so it is imperative that you act now by using one of our many car covers to prevent this.

Bird droppings
We have all experienced the displeasure of finding bird droppings on our newly cleaned vehicle, but did you know that this can potentially be damaging to the finish and paint if you do not deal with it quickly? Bird droppings are acidic and become more concentrated as they dry out, and when they do dry out they require scrubbing to remove. All this scrubbing does is serve to rub the now acidic bird mess into the paint of your vehicle before it is finally removing increasing the area that could be potentially damaged. The best way to deal with this summer problem is prevention, and of course the best method of prevention is to use one of our car covers. Let our car covers take the mess rather than your vehicle.

Leaves and sap
Sticky tree sap and dirty leaves are the bane of many motorists when summer begins to turn into autumn. As beautiful as the leafy season can be those falling leaves are packed full of potentially harmful substances that, whilst beautiful to behold, can leave your car in a frightful state. Proper application of one of our summer car covers can help you keep your vehicle in pristine condition in autumn. If you park your vehicle anywhere near trees then you should invest in one of our car covers immediately. It will stop trees from spraying sticky sap that is hard to remove onto your car, and our summer covers will also prevent leaves from settling and leaving dirt and scuffs all over your newly waxed pride and joy.

Ultraviolet rays
The sun blasts out ultraviolet radiation all year round but obviously this is much more potent throughout the end of spring and into summer when the weather begins to warm up. One of the main things that summer ultraviolet radiation can do that can be easily prevented by using one of our car covers is it can bleach and fade the finish. Even though modern vehicles and paints are designed to be resistant to this many years sat in the sun will gradually take its toll and you will notice your pristine finish does not look quite so fresh and new any more. By using one of our summer car covers you can prevent UV radiation from harming your vehicle and keep it looking factory fresh.

Finish protection
Proper cleaning is an essential part of vehicle maintenance. Of course it makes your car look good but it also adds a protective layer on the surface of your vehicle that helps prevent moisture from penetrating and will help you to clean away any hazards mentioned on this page easier. We recommend Race Glaze branded wax from for maximum protection, however there is little point in waxing and cleaning your vehicle properly unless you plan to use one of our covers over the top. Using our summer covers in this way prevent the wax washing away quickly and allows it to remain on the surface of your vehicle for longer, increasing the amount of time between waxes and saving you time and money.