Why should I use a car cover?

This is a question that we've heard more than once, and the short answer is this: if you care about your car and want to replace it later rather than sooner, ensuring it remains protected from the elements is a seriously smart approach to ensuring that's the case. However, there are many benefits to using a car cover - here are just a few of them.

Firstly, you're ensuring that the car remains shielded against weather that could damage it. Cars, although made from sterner stuff than you or I, really can't be left out in the rain permanently, nor can they be left in the baking heat for hours on end - not if you care about rust or the paint-job! A car cover simply puts a barrier in place between the elements and the motor, so you can relax knowing it's safe.

You're also less likely to find that sometimes, coming out to your car on Monday morning after not looking at it all weekend can result in spotting scratches you could've sworn weren't there when you got out on Friday. This is because small chips (usually from loose tarmac or grit during winter) can be thrown up by passing cars and dent, ding or scratch your car. A car cover acts as something that will catch the debris and rob it of most of its impact.

Lastly, whether you're with Aviva or you've won the lottery, having a car either broken into or stolen is a nightmare scenario for any car-owner. However, as shifty thieves need to get in and out fast, lest they get caught, the cover will mean that for all but the most determined of criminals, it's going to take too long to remove it and get into the car before they risk being spotted.

So there you have it - damage protector, custom-fitted umbrella, and theft deterrent. What's not to love? For the price a car cover costs, the value you'll get back is impressive, so invest and think smart about the health and safety of your car.

Why should I use a car cover in summer?

Remember, our car covers can be used all year round and many of them are perfect for use throughout the summer months. Although car covers are traditionally considered for use to protect from the rain in the winter however when we stop and consider that most vehicles are already waterproof it becomes apparent that they often are not needed for this purposes!

One of the most hazardous times of the year for your vehicle can be throughout the hot sunny summer months through into Autumn. Not only will you have to contend with dust due to the drier atmosphere but also leaves falling and leaving sticky tree sap on your vehicle. Birds are more active in summer so you may also notice more bird droppings on your vehicle.

There is simply no denying that summer is certainly the time to use one of our car covers, if not all year round!

Why should I use a car cover in winter?

Car covers are vital for use in winter if you wish to protect from the frost and ice that are inevitable each year. We have all suffered at the hands of the weather; early mornings spent chipping ice away from your windscreen are no fun whatsoever.

Many of our car covers are ideal for protecting against this, so come snow, hail, sleet or frost you can simply remove your cover, store it, and drive away. Best of all your cover will be waiting for you when you return home, so it can go to work protecting your vehicle for another night's frost.

Help protect your vehicle from frost and snow with one of our car covers.