There are a multitude of reasons why you should buy from us, a specialist supplier of car covers, rather than from a high street store such as Halfords or Argos. Many of the car covers from these and similar high street retailers are made from lower quality materials that will not last as long, be as easy to fit or be as protective as those that we sell. Our suppliers have over twenty years experience in the car covers industry, they have continued to refine their designs based on feedback from customers and vehicle manufacturers.

Unlike many larger high street stores such as Halfords, Argos and others we offer a comprehensive guarantee that protects you for 12 months from the date of purchase. We are so confident in the manufacturing process used during the creation of our car covers that you are protected against sweating, condensation, chaffing, ripping or tearing due to a fault in the manufacture of the product. In fact the only thing that you are not covered against is damage caused by high winds or other acts of God, and if something like this should occur we can even supply a repair kit so that you can fix the cover yourself.

Another reason why you should by car covers from us rather than from the likes of Halfords is that we are a small company with a big heart. We feel passionately about what we do as we are all confirmed motoring enthusiasts, and possibly the best accolade we can award our products is that we use them on all of our cars at home. The likes of Argos will not give you such a personable and friendly service, our phones are manned during normal office hours and our staff are always available to chat to you or to answer e-mails.

We listen and we learn, and we welcome feedback from all of our customers unlike many larger chain stores such as Halfords and Argos. Although large nationwide companies have excellent facilities in place to record customer feedback our system ensures that we care about each and every purchase that is made and we respond directly to feedback. If our customers make a comment we take it to heart and see what can be done to improve our car covers for the future, ensuring that we are constantly working to come as close as we can to perfection for an affordable price.