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Waterproof Half Car Cover - Connaught L Series (1948 - 1951)
Car Cover Type: Outdoor Car Covers
Car Manufacturer: Connaught car covers
Cover Type: Waterproof Half Covers
Model: Connaught L Series
Size: S

Waterproof half car cover - Connaught L Series (1948 - 1951)

You can use our waterproof half car covers on your vehicle throughout the year, they will keep your windscreen and side mirrors free from frost and ice in winter but keep your interior cool in summer.

The elasticated straps front and rear coupled with the elasticated mirror pockets make this a very easy to fit cover and it will quickly become a part of your daily routine.

This car cover is made from fully waterproof fabric ensuring that it will keep the cab/cockpit area of your Vehicle dry no matter how bad the weather gets.

Price: £42.50

Condition: New