TVRWelcome to our section dedicated to car covers for TVR's. TVR are an independent company based in Britain who develop a variety of sports cars for the high performance, luxury and racing markets. All TVR vehicles feature powerful engines when compared to the actual size of the vehicle making them popular with motoring enthusiasts and performance fans. TVR sports cars are built around tubular steel frames and the body panels are fibreglass and other composite materials ensuring that the structure is lightweight but exceptionally strong. Many TVR vehicles are powered by a straight 6 engine whilst others utilise a V8, both types are developed in house by TVR. The company traces its origins back to the first vehicle ever built by Trevor Wilkinson in 1947, a custom model built around an Alvis Firebird chassis for personal use. We supply such a diverse range of car covers that we can even cover this custom model should you own a replica. Our car covers can be matched to any vehicle no matter what shape or size so you can be sure that if you are looking for car covers you have come to the right place.

The vehicle proved so much fun to drive that Wilkinson went into business with Jack Pickard and they founded what we now know as TVR. The first true TVR vehicles were two seat vehicles designed around various alloys and a tubular chassis and they were first released to the public in 1949. TVR kept up with the latest innovations in materials and engineering and as a result vehicles were constantly being upgraded throughout the years as new technologies were utilised in automotive design. A large number of early TVR cars were sold as kit vehicles as it avoided a number of taxes, this was a practice that was forced to stop in the 70's as the tax laws were revamped and the loopholes previously used were closed. If you own one of these early kit cars then our covers are perfect for you. All of our car covers from our lightweight breathable to our waterproof half car covers, from our heavy duty car covers to our soft indoor car covers are suitable for use on all kinds of TVR's from old to new. We supply a carrying case with all of our car covers allowing you to tuck it away neatly when not in use.

The first very powerful car produced by TVR was the Grantura owned by dealer Jack Griffith. He mated the chassis with the V8 powerplant from an AC Cobra and thus the legacy of exceptionally powerful but light sports cars was born. Up until they began developing their own engines TVR trialled a number of different models including a Rover V8 for a short time, however nothing proved quite as successful as their own AJP8 engine that powered the Cerbera and Tuscan vehicles. Sadly recent years have seen TVR suffer somewhat with various changes of ownership and decreasing demand resulting in a number of redundancies and generally low morale at the company. The current plans for TVR are unclear but it is hoped that they continue to produce stunning vehicles and stay true to their legacy of providing the world with high performance, exceptionally well designed sports cars. Be sure to protect your TVR today with one of our many car covers. If you do not see any car covers that fit your vehicle please contact us immediately and we will arrange a quote for you.