Solar car chargers are a great way to ensure that the battery in your vehicle is kept in tip top condition. For those of us that own classic, vintage or high performance vehicles often battery drain can prove to be a troublesome worry, especially if away from home for extended periods of time. A solar powered car charger will help you ensure that your battery will always contain charge when you need it most, and it will also allow you to be certain that your battery is kept fully charged and well maintained, something that is vital if you wish to keep the battery in good condition as long as possible.

Car Solar Panel ChargerJust Solar Panels offer a pair of unique charging solutions for your car battery. The first is the exclusive 1.8W Solar Panel Battery Maintainer from Sunforce. This setup is easy to use and easy to install, and providing you have a live cigarette lighter socket when your ignition is turned off it will allow you to connect the 1.8W Solar Panel Battery Maintainer directly to the 12V socket to charge your battery this way. If you do not have a live socket fear not, you can still connect the charger directly to your battery using the supplied crocodile clips in order to charge it. This device features a number of built in safety features and will not overcharge a standard car battery, and this unique solar solution can be connected in seconds. It comes complete with suction cups so it can be mounted on the inside of a car window, and can even be fitted and sealed to your vehicle should you so require with silicon sealant.

Car Solar ChargerThe second solution solution offered by Just Solar panels is the 5W 12V trickle charger from Sunforce. This solution will charge your battery quicker and is perfect for counteracting the power drain caused by clocks, alarm systems and other electronic devices that cannot be switched off even though your car ignition is off. By using the 5W 12V trickle solar car charger you can be sure that your battery will always be charged and kept in excellent condition, constantly draining a battery can prove detrimental to its health and will often wear it out very quickly. Why not harness the energy of the sun to keep your battery topped up? A variety of accessories are included for this car solar charging solution allowing you to connect it directly to the battery or to charge through the cigarette lighter in some instances. The amorphous technology that the solar panel itself is made from ensures that even when you drive your car in murky conditions it will still generate power.