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Lightweight Breathable Cover - Smart Roadster Deters vandalism. Protects against frost, snow, tree sap and birds. Gives UV protection. Protects against knocks...
Lightweight Breathable Car Cover - Smart Roadster
Waterproof Half Cover - Smart Roadster Fully waterproof fabric. Heatproof - keeps interior cool in summer.  Keeps frost off your windscreen and side mirrors.  ...
Waterproof Half Car Cover - Smart Roadster
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The Smart Roadster has become a popular fixture on the roads of the world. It's unique styling and sophisticated yet quirky appeal have won the hearts of many different motorists and it has been a popular selling vehicle in every market in which it was released. They are modern vehicles in every sense, and they pick up where the original Smart vehicle (later called the Fortwo) dropped off in that they offered a brand new vehicle that was in many ways more sporty and radical in design than it's sibling. The compact turbo engine that drives the rear wheels of the vehicle is matched to a compact chassis that offers excellent performance at all speeds and great handling in various conditions.

The original concept for the Smart Roadster comes from a super compact practical and pure sports vehicle that was proposed at Smart after the launch of the Fortwo. It was modelled in two quarter scale originally in 1999 and these met with such high approval that they were immediately developed into full size prototypes. In fact this initial stage of development was so quick that later that year a show version of the car was produced and shown-off at the IAA Frankfurt show, and just a few months later full production models were given to Stola in Italy who produced further show cars. It was this initial showing that demonstrated how viable an idea the Roadster was as it was very popular with all who viewed it.

By the time 2000 rolled around the Smart Roadster was well into production development which was admittedly made easier by the Roadster using the powertrain and various other components from the Fortwo. The vehicle that eventually went into full scale production in 2003 were almost identical to the concept vehicles and prototypes, and initially both a standard Roadster and a coupe version were launched. They are deliberately designed to hearken back to the classic days of British roadsters and evoke the MG MGB and Triumph Spitfire along with many other vehicles. Weighing just 790 kg the Roadster offers the feel of a sports car at a very affordable price, with its only direct competitor being the Mazda MX-5.

For those who desire more from their Smart Roadster there is also a selection of Brabus versions that have been tuned for more performance. These feature a host of modifications including lower suspension, 17" alloys, twin sports exhausts, front spoiler and side skirts and much more. There are also internal modifications to make the vehicle much more luxurious including leather trimming on the dash and alloy flashes. Our car covers are an excellent fit for all different types of the Roadster, from the tuned Brabus versions to the coupe to the standard Roadster, and it doesn't matter whether you use a soft or targa top either. Our covers will fit perfectly. Be sure to browse each of the covers and find one that is perfect for your needs and situation before you place an order.