Roadster BagsRoadster Bags are a relatively new product and we are pleased to be able to bring a wide selection to the market thanks to a close working relationship with our suppliers. So what precisely are roadster bags? Essentially they are a custom designed and crafted set of luggage that closely match the contours and specifications of your vehicles boot. Obviously this is of great use to owners of roadsters and smaller sports cars as there is often very limited space in the boot and in any other storage areas.

Our roadster bags are produced in Europe and are precisely tailored from high quality materials and fabrics to ensure a tough and durable yet lightweight article that perfectly matches your make and model of vehicle. One of the unique features of our roadster bags is that they are designed to fit perfectly in place even if you are driving with the top down ensuring that you can still enjoy all of the benefits of a convertible roadster whilst your boot is full of luggage for a holiday or break away from home.

We receive many comments praising the quality of our roadster bags, in fact along with our wind deflectors many roadster, spyder and convertible vehicle owners have mentioned that they do not understand how they used to get by without them in the past. By using a set of roadster bags you can maximise what little space is available in your vehicle ensuring that it is all used and none is wasted. When you arrive at your destination you simply remove the luggage from your vehicle and carry it like any other suitcase.