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Waterproof Half Car Cover - Range Rover Evoque Our waterproof half car covers are ideal for use on the Range Rover Evoque. They are unique in that they are specifically designed to protect...
Waterproof Half Car Cover - Range Rover EvoqueWaterproof Half Car Cover - Range Rover Evoque
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The Range Rover Evoque is redefining peoples expectations of a 21st century vehicle; it offers the stunning off-road performance of traditional Range and Land Rovers whilst being smaller and more compact making it more suited for urban environments and city living. In it's first year over eighty-eight thousand Evoques were sold around the world making them exceptionally successful, and their success is continuing with the unique design attracting fans on a global scale.

We offer a number of different car covers for the Range Rover Evoque, so Land Rover and Range Rover fans who are lucky enough to own one of these modern classics can purchase something from our store that will help keep their vehicles safe no matter how awful the weather has become. Days seem wetter, winters colder and frostier and autumns longer than ever before, so it is vital to ensure your vehicle is kept safe and sound from things that can cause it harm.

Our Range Rover Evoque car covers are the same high quality that you will have come to expect from our other covers. They are finished to the highest standard and boast a 12 month warranty that protects you against any manufacturing defects that may become apparent during normal use of the cover. Not that we've heard of any yet!