PorschePorsche are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of luxury cars; they are engineered and styled to perfection making it vital that you purchase a high quality cover to protect your vehicle even if it is kept in a garage. Porsche can trace their roots back to 1931 when they were founded by Ferdinand Porsche, an engineer who was born in Maffersdorf in what is now the Czech Republic. The company initially consulted and did not produce their own cars, they are however credited with designing and building the Volkswagan Beetle.

This most famous of car companies currently produces the ever popular 911 series along with the Boxster and Cayman models. They have also recently added the Cayenne range of sports utility vehicles to their line-up and are planning to introduce a new four door Panamera in 2009. We are able to provide you with a large variety of car covers for your Porsche for almost all models from the ever popular Cayman and the SUV stylings of the Cayenne through to the top end 911 models and a variety of other types or Porsche.

We also stock a number of different types of car covers so be sure to browse our pages carefully before making a purchase. Our heavyduty waterproof car covers are designed to be used for long term outdoor storage of your Porsche, and these car covers are fully waterproof and highly durable. Our lightweight breathable car covers are for your Porsche that is in regular use, these covers are fully breathable and will uniquely allow any water that is already on the car to evaporate through the fabric while keeping the rain off.

If you require a degree of customisation with your Porsche covers then our custom lightweight car covers are perfect for your needs; they are individually hand made to order for any type of car. Finally we are also able to provide Porsche car covers that are half sized, these covers will keep frost off your windscreen and side mirrors and also work to keep your car cool in summer by covering the windows and roof of your Porsche.