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Welcome to Just Covers, dedicated to providing you with the finest car and bike covers that money can buy. If you leave your car outside overnight or park it in a garage that has no heating, or even if you are putting your vehicle in storage for a short length of time then you should certainly consider purchasing one of our car or bike covers.

We stock a variety of products suitable for both indoor and outdoor use so no matter what your circumstances are we are confident that you will find the perfect car or bike covers for your needs, be it covering the top of your vehicle to protect it from drops of rain in a leaky garage through to protecting your vehicle from dust when you put it in storage for six months while you are away on business.

We also stock a variety of other car covers for other purposes; if you are planning a launch party for a new vehicle or will be exhibiting at a motor show then we stock a large number of launch and reveal covers for your car, bike, or other vehicle. We are able to supply a range of coloured fabrics to suit your own unique individual requirements, and if required we can custom create car or bike covers for you should you require something extra special, please
contact us for details.