Welcome to our section dedicated to Mini car covers. The humble Mini is one of the most famous vehicles in existence, it's small size and affordable price have made it a favourite vehicle around the world, and it has gone from strength to strength doing everything from being the runabout of choice for generations of people to winning world rally championships and featuring heavily in Hollywood blockbusters. If you are looking for car covers for one of these stunning little vehicles then you have come to the right place, we stock a huge range of car covers for them, both old and new versions.

We carefully select our car covers from a wide range available in our inventory. We consider carefully the specifications of each type of Mini to ensure that we send the perfect sized cover out to you for you to use. Each one of our mini car covers is inspected before dispatch to ensure that it meets our very strict quality control standards, and we endeavour to provide only the finest products money can buy. It is easy to understand why many of our car covers win awards and have done since they were first released over a decade ago!

The mini is a delightful vehicle and it deserves love and respect. If you own a Mini, particularly a vintage or classic model then it is important that you use one of our car covers to protect your purchase for years to come. If you do not take action now then rust and corrosion could end up slowly rotting your Mini away from the outside in, and when rust starts it is very difficult to get rid of. Our car covers offer varying degrees of weather protection so you can be sure that no matter what your circumstances are one of our car covers will be perfect for your needs.

If you do not see your specific Mini listed on our website then please get in touch with us for more information. We are confident that we can supply a number of different car covers for your vehicle, and most of these will be in stock for you to order immediately for a next day dispatch. Our trained staff are on hand to discuss your requirements via e-mail and over the telephone, and we are also happy to help if you have any queries about your new cover when you receive it. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you select one of our many car covers for your Mini.