MGMG is a famous British car brand who have attained something of a cult following since they first launched in 1924. The MG name comes from the Morris Garages title, a famous dealer of Morris vehicles in Oxford who eventually began to produce their own customised designs in 1921. The first vehicles to bear the MG badge were rolled out from the workshop floor very soon after the company began trading in '24, and these were simply re-bodied Morris vehicles that utilised coachwork from Carbodies of Coventry. The company moved twice in their early years and by 1927 were settled in Oxford with a fairly extensive complex that could now include a production line. In October 1928 the company had grown to such an extent that they were able to show a stand at the London Motor Show, until once more they moved, this time to an old leather factory in Abingdon. We supply a tremendous variety of MG car covers for all versions of their vehicles, old and new. If you don't see any car covers on our site that are suitable for you contact us immediately.


The fortunes of MG have risen and fell regularly since the company was founded, in 1935 MG was sold to Morris Motors and this would bring about serious upheaval. Eventually MG were absorbed by the British Motor Corporation and this saw a swing in the companies fortunes; MG saw one of the best periods through until 1969 when General Manager John Thornley retired. Whilst under BMC MG vehicles were usually just re-badged versions of other vehicles, all apart from the small sports cars that MG are now famous for. Our small sports car sized car covers sell exceptionally well and we have a large number of customers who buy many car covers from us who own MG's. This uniquely British and stylish vehicle deserves love and affection and our car covers can provide just that.


In a series of ownership changes and mergers MG became part of British Leyland in 1975, and eventually MG's Abingdon factory was closed down in order to save money. At the time British Leyland were in trouble with an economic crisis and series of political squabbles threatening to destroy the company. Many of the later forms of MG were constructed by Austin Rover and were simply re-badged Ausin's. Further ownership changes seemed destined to drive the MG brand into oblivion with British Leyland becoming the Rover Group in 1986 and MG passing to British Aerospace in 1988, and then on to BMW in 1994. Despite this ever changing ownership we are able to provide car covers for any and all vehicles produced in this period. Our waterproof half car covers, heavy duty car covers, lightweight car covers and indoor car covers can all be purchased for any type of MG.


It was not until 2000 that the MG marque was passed on to the MG Rover Group in Birmingham. They began to sell unique MG sports cars built in-house alongside re-badged Rovers. Five years of success were not enough to keep MG afloat and the group went into receivership in 2005. Shortly thereafter the MG brand was transferred to the ownership of the Nanjing Automobile Group and all assets were considered a part of the deal. The aim was to make MG stand for something new in China, and one of the first things Nanjing did was restart production of the TF and ZT ranges. TF car covers continue to be our best selling items outstripping demand of many other vehicles by far.