Mercedes Benz Car CoversThis section of our website is dedicated to helping you choose from the finest car covers on the market so that you can ensure your Mercedes Benz is properly protected throughout the year. There are so many different car covers available on the market now that it is difficult to know exactly which option to choose, because of this we have divided our outdoor car covers into three easy sections for Mercedes Benz so you can make an informed choice. Rest assured that no matter which of our Mercedes Benz car covers you purchase you will be receiving one of the best products on the market that will last many years to come if used properly. All of our Mercedes Benz car covers are inspected before dispatch and our suppliers have over two decades of experience in the car covers industry. Our experts are on hand to answer any queries or questions you may have during the every day fitting and use of your Mercedes Benz cover.

Our heavy duty waterproof
Mercedes Benz car covers represent the most secure way to keep the wind and the rain off your vehicle. For most owners of a Mercedes Benz the rain is not a worry, vehicles are designed to be waterproof so it is often better to choose a different cover. However if you own a vintage vehicle or something that has proved itself to be susceptible to the wind and rain then these car covers are ideal for your requirements. Designed with long term outdoor storage in mind we find that our heavy duty waterproof Mercedes Benz car covers work best on vehicles that are not driven every day. The cover itself can be applied surprisingly quickly for its size and you will be astonished at just how durable it is. The seams of this particular cover are machine welded to ensure maximum protection and the peace of mind you will receive by fitting one of our Mercedes Benz heavy duty waterproof car covers is priceless.

Another option for the discerning motorist would be to purchase one of out
Mercedes Benz lightweight breathable car covers. This unique type of cover is our most versatile product and can be used anywhere and everywhere. It is very light (as the name suggests) but does not sacrifice on durability ensuring that it will keep your car free from dust, dirt, muck and grime. Because of the material that it is made from it is a true breathable product (not just featuring a breathable membrane as some other products do) allowing moisture to simply evaporate away from your vehicle. Because of this you can fit our Mercedes Benz lightweight breathable car covers when your vehicle is still wet, and you can be sure that it will not trap moisture and cause all sorts of rusting problems further down the road.

Many of our customers also choose to purchase one of our waterproof half
Mercedes Benz car covers. These represent excellent value for money and can be fitted in mere seconds. Their main functions are to keep the ice and frost from your windscreen in winter, to prevent drips and rain from seeping into your convertible, and also to keep your vehicle cool in the summer. It excels in everything it was designed to do and our suppliers have refined the design over the years based on feedback from customers. All of our Mercedes Benz waterproof half car covers feature wing mirror pockets and elasticated fittings front and rear to facilitate ease of use and ensure that it can be removed as quickly as it can be fitted.
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Protects car from moisture, corrosion, dust, scrapes and scratches. Covered zips on both sides allow easy access to doors. All car covers are elasticated front and rear with a tie-down cord. ...
Mercedes 300SL W124 Soft Indoor Car Cover
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