lotus_logo.jpgLotus are a stalwart of British motoring and a manufacturer who produce light weight sports cars that are much loved by millions across the globe. The company is still (unlike many others) based in the United Kingdom with its headquarters and main manufacturing location situated in Hethel in Norfolk. Lotus have a long and intriguing history that dates back to 1952 when the company was initially created as Lotus Engineering Ltd by Colin Chapman, an engineering graduate from University College in London. Here you can find a variety of car covers for your vehicle. If you do not see your car listed contact us as we supply car covers for every single type of vehicle on the road.

The first official Lots factory was simply a disused set of stables in Hornsey, however the company saw so much initial success that by 1954 they were able to split their Team Lotus Formula One group from the main company, the team remained active until 1994. By 1959 it was apparent that as well as simply producing cars the company could produce parts for other manufacturers so the Lotus Group was formed to oversee the various companies operations ranging from construction of cars through to components crafted for other firms. We provide a tremendous variety of car covers for this most famous of vehicle manufacturers, from our lightweight breathable half covers to waterproof half car covers, from heavy duty car covers to indoor car covers.

A purpose built factory was constructed in 1959 and the company remained there until 1966 when they moved to Hethel into more modern factory premises. This Lotus factory was situated on a former RAF base and the teams test track utilise portions of the old runway. Sadly Colin Chapman passed away in 1982 at the age of 54. His legacy remains ingrained into the company, he started his life the son of an inn-keeper and ended it a self made multi-millionaire who had helped shape post-war Britain due to his love of engineering. He had created many thousands of racing and road cars and had taken the Formula One Championship seven times thanks to his racing team. We can provide car covers for all of the vehicles he is responsible for, be sure to check out our car covers website for more details.

In 1986 General Motors announced that they would be purchasing Lotus, however they did not keep hold of it for long, choosing to sell Lotus on for £30,000,000 to A.C.B.N Holdings, a Luxeumbourg based company owned by the former owner of Bugatti. In 1996 the majority share of Lotus was sold to Proton. Lotus are well known for consulting on many car and engineering related projects and for providing the development of many parts of other vehicles, in particular suspension units. For instance the Powertrain department of Lotus is responsible for creating the 4 cylinder engine that is now found in many Vauxhall, Opel, Saab and Saturn cars. If you are interested in car covers for any of these makes be sure to check out the relevant sections on our website.

Lotus are known and loved the world over and even though the majority of the company is owned by Proton they are recognised as one of the few remaining British car manufacturers producing vehicles for hobbyists and car enthusiasts at home in the United Kingdom. Lotus have a strong racing legacy and it is easy to understand why they are loved by so many. We supply a large range of car covers for any Proton and Lotus vehicle. Our car covers come with their own free storage bag and we are confident you will find our car covers exceptionally easy to use.