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Lamborghini Aventador Lightweight Breathable Car Cover If you are looking for a cover that is versatile, cost effective and very easy to use then our lightweight breathable car covers will be...
Lightweight Breathable Car Cover - Lamborghini AventadorLightweight Breathable Car Cover - Lamborghini Aventador
Lamborghini Aventador Waterproof Half Car Cover Our Lamborghini Aventador waterproof half car covers are one of the best ways to keep the cockpit/cab area of your vehicle safe and sound, whether...
Waterproof Half Car Cover - Lamborghini AventadorWaterproof Half Car Cover - Lamborghini Aventador
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The Lamborghini Aventador is a stunning vehicle, a triumph of engineering and an aesthetic marvel. If you are lucky enough to own one then you will be please to know that we offer a wide range of car covers ideal for your needs, no matter whether you keep your vehicle parked outside in the depths of winter and at the heigh of summer, whether you drive it every day and keep it in a garage or whether you have to travel long distances and need something portable to take with you. No matter what your needs we can furnish you with a car cover suitable for your requirements.

If you don't get around to driving your Lamborghini Aventador anywhere near as often as you would like then perhaps you should consider purchasing one of our heavy duty waterproof car covers. These feature a unique dual layer system of protection. Nestled against your vehicle is a soft cotton lining that ensures the bodywork and paintwork are kept in excellent condition and free from marks and scratches. Enveloping the inner layer is a tough and durable outer layer manufactured from flexible yet very durable material. This ensures that your vehicle will be kept free from various hazards and safe from the harshest of weather conditions all year round.

Our lightweight breathable car covers are ideal for Lamborghini Aventador owners who require flexibility and versatility in their cover. This design can be used inside and outside all year round. As the name suggests it is crafted from an exceptionally high quality breathable fabric that is kind to your vehicle and will not mark it whilst also protecting it from bird mess, tree sap, frost, dirt, grime, scratches and knocks, and various other hazards. It can be fitted very quickly and can be used on a vehicle that is already wet as the moisture trapped beneath the cover and your car will simply evaporate away when the sun returns.

We also offer a waterproof half car cover for the Lamborghini Aventador that can be fitted to protect the cab/cockpit area. These are by far our best selling covers thanks to the unique silver polyester material that we use in their construction. This ensures that your Aventador will be kept frost free in winter (no more de-icing and de-frosting before driving away) and cool during the peak of a hot summer (the cover offers UV protection ensuring that your vehicle does not heat up as much). The wing mirror pockets on this type of cover help it stay in place whilst also keeping your mirrors frost and dirt free.