Kia are a vehicle manufacturer that have increased in popularity in recent decades and they now produce some of the most popular vehicles on Britsh and European roads. If you own a Kia then our selection of car covers will be perfect for your requirements. We stock a wide range of car covers suitable for a tremendous amount of different situations. If you are ever bewildered by our selection please do not hesitate to get in touch and our team of experts will be on hand to talk you through our selection.

Our lightweight breathable Kia car covers are our most popular type of cover. They are suitable for use in a wide variety of situations and are the perfect way to keep your Kia safe from the harmful effects of everything from bird mess to knocks and bumps. As one of our full Kia car covers this cover will protect the entirety of your vehicle ensuring you can relax safe in the knowledge that your pride and joy is protected from errant mishaps that could potentially damage the finish or paintwork.

Our waterproof half Kia car covers are ideal for use both in winter and summer. They are perfect for use as a sun shield to protect your vehicle from the heat (returning to a sticky hot vehicle after it has been sat in the sun all day is never ideal) and also for use as a frost protector (after fitting it will protect your Kia from the frost throughout the night so you can simply drive off immediately in the morning). Our waterproof half car covers are also perfect for use to protect against the rain if you have problems with a leaking roof.

If you are lucky enough to own a garage or shelter for your vehicles then why not consider purchasing one of our soft indoor Kia car covers? These have been one of our best selling products for years and we receive e-mails from customers who purchased their cover over a decade ago and still use it to this day. This type of cover is the perfect way to keep the dust off your vehicle and keep your car in tip top condition. It even features zipped side pockets to allow you to enter and exit your vehicle without taking the cover off.