ford.jpgFord are one of the most widely recognised brands of vehicle across the globe and the country has a long and distinguished history that dates back to 1904 when the company was first founded thanks to a cash injection from twelve different investors. Originally the Ford base of operations was an old converted factory with the capability of producing just a couple of cars each day. The Ford workforce was similarly small with a small group of workers assembling components produced by other companies. We sell a wide variety of car covers for this most popular and recognised of manufacturers, and you can be sure that our car covers are the finest currently available on the market today.

The Ford company went from strength to strength and is recognised as one of the few companies that survived the great depression, and for many years Ford was one of the most wealthy and profit generating companies in the world. Many attribute Ford's strength to the fact that for over one hundred years the company was kept firmly under the control of the Ford family. In recent years the Ford company have been recognised as being the fourth largest automobile company in existence, coming closely behind Toyota, General Motors, and Volkswagen. The company is still based in Detroit and Ford also own a number of brands and other companies such as Volvo. They also have a stake in luxury car company Aston Martin and Japanese company Mazda. If you own a Ford then you will find our car covers invaluable, no matter whether you purchase one of our heavy duty waterproof car covers, our lightweight breathable car covers or our waterproof half car covers.

The importance of Ford for the modern world in general can never be understated; without Ford we would have no large scale production, no major assembly lines and no complex, fast engineering as typified in automobile manufacturing. Ford continue to perform exceptionally well in Europe (they are the second largest car company behind Volkswagen) and they have made a name for themselves selling all kinds of cars, from the sensible business oriented Mondeo to the small, compact Ka through to the powerful Mustang. When we ship one of our car covers out to you we supply one of our unique "car covers carrying bag" perfect for storing your cover when it is not in use.

The Ford name encompasses a variety of different brands under which automobiles are sold; Lincoln and Mercury are the most common in the USA and they also have production plants in Mexico, Germany, Turkey, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Great Britain, Canada and China. The company also has a very strong racing lineage having competed in many different trophies and competitions worldwide from NASCAR and Formula One down to smaller local rallies and other competitions. Ford racing cars are famous for their reliability and endurance, a fact that makes them exceptionally popular for races such as 24 Hours at Le Mans (the GT40 won this race four times in the 1960's and represents the only American car to win overall in the competition). If you do not see any suitable car covers for your vehicle on our site then contact us immediately and we will arrange a quote for you. Our covers are second to none and you will not be disappointed.