FerrariFerrari are a classic Italian crafter of the finest sports cars and they are based in Maranello in Italy, and we are pleased to be able to supply a variety of car covers to owners of these fine thoroughbred vehicles. Each and every one of our Ferrari car covers are finished to the highest quality and you will be astonished at how well they fit and how easy they are to use. Our car covers have been continually refined and improved over many years in order to produce the finest car covers on the market today. Affordable, easy to use, durable, all of these words spring to mind when considering our car covers. We even supply a free carrying bag with each of our car covers, ideal for storing your purchase when it is not in use. From our heavy duty waterproof car covers to our lightweight breathable car covers, you will be amazed at how useful they can be, and our waterproof half car covers are exceptional value for your Ferrari. Ferrari can trace their roots back to 1928 when they were founded as the Scuderia Ferrari company, however they originally created vehicles designed for racing and also sponsored a number of drivers; it was not until 1947 when they created their first road legal vehicle. Ferrari is synonymous with racing; the team has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in the popular formula one competition, however they have also taken an impressive series of victories in various other competitions throughout the years. In 1947 when Enzo Ferrari created the 125 Sport customers lined up to purchase it. Unlike many new companies producing road cars many people were already familiar with the Ferrari brand due to its success with various racing teams, as a result the cars already had a large degree of prestige attached to them and Enzo was not at all pleased, in fact it is understood that he never wanted to produce road cars and felt people did not appreciate the engineering of the 125 Sport, instead he felth they were buying into the brand but he continued regardless in order to fund the Scuderia, a vehicle we can supply car covers for.

The company continued with the road car business growing year after year and by this time Ferrari had a firm reputation not just as a racing company but also as providers of some of the highest performance road legal sports vehicles available, all of which we can provide car covers for. Sadly rivalries and arguments amongst various key staff members resulted in Girolamo Gardini, sales manager of Ferrari along with chief engineer Carlo Chiti and sports car developer Giotto Bizzarrini and various members of their teams being removed from Ferrari. Many came forward to say that they felt the end was nigh for Ferrari and they did not see how the company could recover. Those who were no longer in the companies employ set up ATS in order to directly compete with Ferrari and they also took a number of valuable clients with them. (We do sell covers for ATS vehicles as well). Ironically ATS did not fare well but this shifting of power within Ferrari led to the 1960's being their best decade thus far in the companies history and Enzo Ferrari proved all of his critics wrong by driving the company from strength to strength. Throughout the 1960's and 1970's a number of different rivals came forward in order to challenge Ferrari. Ford were the first to attempt to steal the sports car crown with their Shelby Cobra, (car covers available for this muscle car if required) and for a time Ford expressed a great interest in buying Ferrari completely. It was the Ford GT40 that would put an end to the winning streak from Ferrari thanks to a number of unique prototype vehicles that were raced at the famous Le Mans challenge. In the late 1960's through to the 1970's Porsche (covers available for Porsche's if required) proved to be a major thorn in Ferrari's side, particularly in the smaller sports car market. Like Ford before them Porsche took a number of victories and broke the Ferrari winning streak and 1970 was a year that went down in automotive history when Porsche and Ferrari battled it out at a large number of major racing events around the globe. Alfa Romeo also proved themselves to be worthy competitors and were ranked above Ferrari in the 1971 world championships. This led to Ferrari retiring from sports car racing in 1973 in order to focus their efforts on formula one. To
this day Ferrari are known as both a major formula one team and also manufacturers of some of the highest performance and most sought after sports cars in the world.