Falcon are a historic and vintage vehicle manufacturer who produced a number of different vehicles over the years, from kit cars and simple chassis redesigns to complete vehicles like the popular 515. If you love your Falcon then you have come to the right place, we stock a wide range of car covers designed for a number of different uses throughout the year. Be sure to consider what type of car covers are right for your needs so that you can protect your Falcon properly, of our four main types of cover each one is designed with a different purpose in mind.

We stock a range of indoor car covers for your Falcon (contact us for details if you do not see your vehicle listed) and also a variety of outdoor covers, and even one type of car cover that can be used indoors and outdoors. Be sure to take the time to browse our comprehensive selection of choices before making a purchase.

If you require something for use all year round that is adaptable and versatile then we would recommend our lightweight breathable car covers. These are the perfect way to protect your Falcon if you do not have the time to dry your vehicle off before fitting your cover, or if you are more concerned about bird mess, tree sap, and general dust and dirt than the harmful effects of the weather.

For ultimate protection for vehicles that are stored outdoors for long periods of time then you can't do better than our heavy duty waterproof car covers. These will keep your Falcon safe in all weathers and conditions thanks to their durable outer layer, machine welded seams and also a soft inner lining to prevent your vehicle from getting scuffed and marked.