Enfield are a unique British vehicle manufacturer who only ever produced a very small number of vehicles, however due to requests from customers we have decided to include a section dedicated to car covers for these vehicles on our website. Although only a small number of Enfield cars ever graced our streets and an even smaller number continue to do so this makes it even more important that they are properly cared for and looked after as they are now highly sought after collectors items and pieces of modern history.

Our covers are designed to fit a tremendous varied range of vehicles and we hand pick a size from our extensive selection of car covers in order to most closely match the dimensions of the Enfield in question. This ensures that our Enfield car covers always offer an excellent fit no matter what your circumstances may be, and this allows very easy fitting and removing and ensures that the cover will stay in place even in very strong winds and gales, ideal if you live near the coast or in a windy locale.

We offer a guarantee on all of our Enfield car covers, although we are very confident that you will never need to use it. This guarantee covers you for twelve months from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defects, should any problems arise simply get in touch with us via e-mail or telephone and we will advise you on how to proceed and arrange to have a replacement cover sent out to you. As previously mentioned we do not think you will ever have to use our guarantee; we have customers who have been using our Enfield car covers for ten years without any problems!

Should your cover fall out of warranty and you find it gets accidentally damaged we offer a full repair service for a small fee. Simply return the item to us and we will inspect it and repair it and have it sent back out to you as soon as possible. Alternatively if you would sooner attempt to fix your Enfield car covers yourself you can purchase repair kits directly from us for a small fee, these allow you to attempt to rectify any problems in the comfort of your own home.