We are certain that you will be happy with your purchase of one of our many car covers, however if you use it for any length of time you will be wondering how to best care for your cover and how to clean it should the need arise. We have put together this handy little guide for you to use when cleaning and caring for your car cover.

Lightweight Breathable Car Covers
We recommend that you wash your lightweight breathable car cover in a washing machine on a low temperature. You should then line dry your car cover, please do not place it in a tumble drier.

Waterproof Half Car Covers

This type of car cover is not suitable for machine washing. If required the best way to clean it is to use a mild soap or detergent solution and gently sponge your car cover to remove any dirt and debris. This is all that is required to keep it clean.

Heavy Duty Waterproof Car Covers
Our heavy duty waterproof car covers are also not suitable for cleaning in a washing machine. Use a sponge or chamois along with a gentle detergent or soap solution and you will be able to clean your car cover with ease.

Soft Indoor Car Covers

If you need to clean your soft indoor car cover you can simply place it into a washing machine at 40 degrees or below, and you can tumble dry it as long as you do so on a low temperature.

All of our car covers are fully guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase. This guarantee allows you to return your cover to us for a replacement should it rip or tear due to a fault in the manufacturing process. This guarantee does not cover you against damage by high winds, incorrect fitting or other acts of God. Should any of these situations occur a repair kit can be obtained from us, please contact us for details.