For many years Citroen have led the way in producing stylish, sophisticated and intelligent vehicles and the company has a very long and distinguished history. Since 1919 they have pioneering a unique French style that has helped shaped the way we perceive cars, and with such a tremendous variety of vehicles produced by this company on the road we felt it prudent to add a section dedicated to car covers for vehicles made by this manufacturer. Whatever Citroen you own, from a vintage 2CV to a modern C4 we can match a number of our car covers to your vehicle.

Before you purchase one of our Citroen car covers you should carefully consider what you need it for before placing an order. What precisely do you need one of our car covers for? If you own a vintage Citroen and have to keep it outside for large portions of the year then perhaps our heavy duty waterproof car covers would be ideal for your needs? These represent an ideal first line of defence against everything mother nature can throw at a Citroen, from wind and rain to bird mess and dirt. From the outset our heavy duty waterproof car covers have been designed to be as tough as they can possibly be; ideal for long term outdoor storage.

If versatility is a requirement for you then you could do no worse than our lightweight breathable car covers. This unique design slips neatly over your Citroen and afford plenty of protection against general dirt and debris, things like tree sap, bird mess, dust, dirt and grime will no longer worry you if you have one fitted. Or perhaps our waterproof half car covers are more your style? These just cover the cab area of your Citroen and are ideal to protect your vehicle against a leaking roof. They are also perfect for frost protection in winter and sun protection in summer making them a true all-year round accessory.

Of course we also stock a large, comprehensive selection of indoor car covers for Citroen vehicles. Essentially if you own a Citroen we can cover it, whether you keep your vehicle outside or in a garage, whether you are putting it into storage or driving it every day. So confident are we that our Citroen car covers will prove to be perfect for your needs that we even offer a 12 month guarantee against any manufacturing defects. Simply return the cover to us and we will dispatch a replacement to you, or we can provide a repair kit so you can attempt to fix it yourself. Whatever your needs our Citroen car covers are second to none.