Caterham are a unique manufacturer, at the time of writing they currently have only one vehicle in production. Despite this their reputation is well known far and wide and makes of very high quality affordable sports and racing vehicles, and we felt that it was about time that we matched some of our car covers to fit these stunning vehicles. In essence many of the vehicles produced by Caterham are all direct descendants of the stunning Series 3 Lotus Seven that was originally launched in 1968, most even sport the stylised "seven" logo on the front grille and you would be hard pressed to tell the original Lotus from the modern re-make in many instances. All of our car covers can be matched with the companies vehicles allowing you to keep them protected no matter what your situation may be.

One of the unique features that attracts many enthusiasts to Caterham is that most of their line-up can be purchased in kit form and assembled yourself with relatively minimal tools and skills required. This makes them an ideal long term project for anyone new to the world of kit-cars who requires excellent customer support but wants a unique, good looking, high performance vehicle at the end of their build. We can't think of a better reason to purchase one of our heavy duty waterproof car covers to be quite honest, especially if your build is outdoors and you have no garage or shelter to work in.

Due to the open top nature of the current crop of Caterham vehicles our waterproof half car covers are very popular with Caterham owners. These unique car covers are designed to protect the cockpit/cab area and are excellent for stopping them flooding in bad weather, nothing can be worse than coming to your vehicle to find it full of water and in a kit car this could prove a costly soaking as various parts may need drying out and replacing, especially electrical components. For more versatility and flexibility our lightweight breathable car covers are the best way to protect your vehicle whilst away at a track or day out.

We inspect each of our Caterham car covers before we dispatch them to you so you can be sure that the product you receive is of the highest quality. We also offer a comprehensive 12 month guarantee on all of our Caterham car covers that ensures you are protected against manufacturing defects for a year from the date of purchase. We even offer a repair service or do-it-yourself patch kits for use when your cover is out of warranty ensuring that with proper care and use our Caterham covers should last a lifetime.