car waxJust Car Wax is a new venture from the team. We have a deal in place with Race Glaze and are pleased to be able to supply you with a tremendous variety of waxes, polishes, creams, tonics and accessories for you to use on your vehicle. Whether you want to keep your car as clean and tidy as possible or you are simply an enthusiastic detailer who derives great pleasure from a sparkling, pristine vehicle then the Just Car Wax website will have everything you could possibly require.

Of course the three main flagship products at Just Car Wax are the 42 Series, 55 Series and Black Label Councours waxes. This trio of products represents some of the finest carnauba car wax on the market today. If you require a gleaming, glossy finish and maximum protection along with a tub that lasts and does not run out after a few uses then these carnauba car waxes will be ideal for your needs. If you are unsure exactly which product is right for you then why not pick up a sample pack?

Of course a new jar of car wax does not a detailer make; you can purchase all of the accessories and tools that you could ever need at Just Car Wax. Our chamois leathers come in a variety of different styles to suit every vehicle and every budget, whilst our specialist interior cleaning and detailing section is full of everything you could ever require to make the inside of your car sparkle. We even have a section dedicated to wheels and tyres where you can find everything from whitewall cleaner to wire wheel brushes.