We offer a wide range of car covers for convertibles on our website suitable for a wide variety of uses. Many of our customers own one or more convertible vehicles and our extensive selection of car covers ensures that each and any convertibles on the road can be protected safe and sound from the weather and many other hazards that could damage your vehicle. Before placing an order with us you should consider how and when you will be using the cover you purchase. Will it be something that you will be fitting and taking off on a daily basis? Will you be fitting it and leaving it to protect your vehicle for long periods of time? Is it something that will be used indoors or outdoors? All of these things need to be taken into account before you order. Rather than adopt a "one style fits all" approach we felt it was prudent to source a wide range of different types of car covers for convertibles allowing our customers to pick the cover that best matches their circumstances.

In general terms we offer four standard fitted covers and two custom fitted options. These car covers are all suitable for convertibles, with some even working specifically with convertibles in mind. We have many years of experience selling car covers to trade and direct to customers so you can be certain that the service you receive from us will be second to none. We offer a comprehensive twelve month guarantee that becomes active from the moment your cover arrives on your doorstep. This ensures that should any manufacturing defects occur within the first year of use we will endeavour to fix the problem for you or, failing that, replace the cover free of charge. And after your guarantee expires we offer a range of patching and repair kits ensuring that you can use our car covers on any convertibles you own for a lifetime. In fact we have customers that purchased our car covers almost twenty years ago and they are still being used to this day on various convertibles!