Here you will find future reviews of all of our car covers, undertaken firstly by ourselves to help you evaluate our own products and secondly by industry experts, motoring fanatics and most importantly our customers. We hope that you will find these reviews of our various car covers both informative and educational, and we feel that they will allow you to make a more apt purchase that will be more suitable for your needs.

By basing your purchasing decision on the comments of our customers and various experts, and also our own comments we feel a more eductated purchase will be possible and you can find out more about our car covers and how they function in the real world rather than just reading the product descriptions on our website.

We feel it is important that we have a forum to communicate our views, opinions and experiences regarding car covers to you. Although we are the retailer and henceforth are somewhat biased we entered this business initially because we are motoring enthusiasts ourselves and we are passionate about protecting our vehicles.

Eventually we hope to expand this section so it will become a one-stop-shop for anything and everything related to pre-purchase questions and queries about car covers, and not just our own. We are constantly striving to improve our own car covers so what better to encourage competition on the market by offering impartial reviews of various other types of cover currently available?