Here you will find a wide range of BMW car covers available to purchase. Please note this is a limited selection and we stock car covers for every vehicle ever produced by BMW; if you do not see your vehicle listed here please contact us immediately and let us know what you drive and we'll arrange a quote for you.

The beauty of our selection of car covers is that we stock a different type of cover for every possible requirement. Perhaps you own a convertible BMW and you are stick and tired of dealing with a leaking roof? In that case may we direct you to our waterproof half car covers? This unique design sits snugly and firmly over the top half of your BMW, covering the windows and driver/passenger cab area along with your wing mirrors. It is also the perfect choice for frost protection in winter and heat protection in the summer; early cold winter mornings spent defrosting your BMW will be a thing of the past as will returning to a sticky hot vehicle interior.

Perhaps you have a BMW of a more vintage ilk that requires lots of tender loving care and is often stored outside. In this instance we would recommend our heavy duty waterproof car covers for you. With a soft cotton lining but a durable, waterproof outer layer you can be sure your vehicle is being both protected and also kept safe in the worst wind and rain storms. Obviously you also receive protection from other dirt and debris related hazards and as long as you ensure your vehicle is dry before fitting this cover you can be assured of a lifetime's worth of protection.

Maybe you have a BMW that you keep in a garage or bespoke shelter of some kind. Despite the level of protection keeping your vehicle indoors offers we would recommend that you invest in one of our soft indoor car covers. This will help prevent naturally occurring dust that you find everywhere outside of a clean room from settling on your vehicle. Because of the high quality of the finish on most vehicles produced by BMW our soft indoor covers can stop the dust settling and marking or marring the finish, ensuring your vehicle looks as good as the day it rolled off the factory floor.

Perhaps you're just a regular BMW owner, you want the best for your vehicle and you want it protected at a competitive price. In this case then our lightweight breathable car covers are the perfect way for you to ensure high levels of protection at a very affordable price. These car covers are also fully breathable so you can fit them even in the wet, no matter how soaking your BMW is the water will evaporate away through the cover itself leaving your vehicle dry. Our lightweight breathable BMW car covers represent affordability, durability, and versatility. You can even use them indoors!