bentleylogo.jpgWelcome to our Bentley car covers section. If you do not see any car covers suitable for your needs contact us immediately! We stock a tremendous number of car covers for some of the most luxurious, comfortable and refined vehicles ever made. Bentley are a British motoring company that can trace their roots back to the 18th of January in 1919 when they were first founded by Walter Owen Bentley. He was no stranger to the industry having been a famous creator of rotary engines for aircraft throughout World War I, he actually created the Bentley BR1 that went on to power the Sopwith Camel. Bentley also sold French built cars to the market but Walter had always wanted to design and build his own vehicles, and whilst Bentley Motors Ltd was registered in August by October a chassis had been completed and was demonstrated at the London Motor Show. Two months later the engine was finished and the company started taking orders straight away with planned deliveries commencing in June the next year. We stock so many car covers that we can even supply them for these vintage early models.

This all proved too good to be true for the new Bentley Motors Ltd and they were not able to begin delivering sold vehicles until the end of 1921. For many years the company struggled on, constantly battling with the bank manager due to a severe lack of funds. In 1925 they refinanced the company to Woolf Barnato, a self made millionaire, and he took ownership of the company, however the Great Depression put an end to this scheme and Bentley was taken over by Rolls-Royce in 1931. The reputation of the company did not die with this change of ownership thanks to the "Bentley Boys", a wealthy group of motoring enthusiasts who raced Bentley vehicles in a large amount of competitions and took victory many times. We can supply car covers for all of the Bentley's described here.

The takeover by Rolls Royce led to W.O. Bentley himself leaving to join Lagonda in 1935 as he felt he was little more than an employee in the company. After he left the company production moved to the Rolls-Royce company in Derby. Rolls-Royce continued to produce vehicles under the Bentley name such as the famous "3 1/2 litre" model that was a sportier version of the Rolls-Royce 20/25. World War II saw the gradual demise of the brand with vehicles that should have been released as Bentley's coming to the market as Rolls-Royces and it was not until the 1980's that the companies fortunes began to change. No matter what car you drive we can supply you with covers perfect for many uses.

Bentley became a seperate entity in the motoring industry in the 80's and began to produce new vehicles such as the Mulsanne. Their new sports vehicles placed the in competition with the likes of Aston martin and Ferrari and it created a new interest in the brand from a new generation of motorists. Modern Bentley vehicles are luxurious and graceful yet packed with power and feature a distinctive styling that exemplifies the unique nature of the Bentley company. A number of celebrity owners have increased the credibility of Bentley even further and the company is set to continue producing luxurious sports vehicles well into the 21st century.

Our Bentley car covers are produced based on demand and over the last two decades our designs have been constantly refined and reinvigorated based on feedback from customers and vehicle manufacturers. You will find our car covers to be exceptionally high quality and they will perform admirably in a variety of different conditions. No matter whether you require waterproofing, protection from dirt and dust or something bespoke for your unique car you will find it here amongst out covers. We supply a handy carrying case with each of our car covers allowing you to stow your cover away when not in use, and you will be amazed at how easy our car covers are to use. We welcome feedback about our car covers so be sure to contact us.