AudiIn this section of the Just Car Covers website you will find a selection of Audi car covers for all different models, versions and variants of Audi that have been previously released. As with all of our car covers if you do not see your particular vehicle listed please contact us and we will be able to quote you a price and supply your Audi with a car cover in short order. Audi have been a part of the Volkswagen Group since 1964 (we can also provide VW car covers if required) and the name itself comes from the surname of the company founder August Horch, Horch translated means "listen", which in Latin becomes Audi.

The first Audi ever created was the Type A 10 / 22 hp Sport-Phaeton that was first unveiled in 1910, and we can provide car covers for this vehicle. Due to legal wranglings the year before Horch was banned from trading under his own family name so used the Latin form, Audi, to trade with. The first Audi vehicles were powered by their own engines and they proved to be very successful as both road cars and also as racing vehicles, especially the first 6 cylinder powered vehicle that Audi produced in 1924. Audi were always on the cutting edge of vehicle design and in 1921 they were the first German car company to develop a production vehicle complete with left hand drive. Our car covers can be used to cover a tremendous variety of vehicles from this vehicle manufacturer.


The late 1920's saw a period of change for Audi when the majority of the shares were acquired by Jorgen Rasmussen, who also purchased the remains of the US company Rickenbacker. Rickenbacker had previously developed technology for building eight cylinder engines and Audi used this in a number of vehicles that were launched in 1929. In 1932 Audi merged with a number of other companies to form Auto Union, and the Audi Front was developed in this period. This was the first vehicle that combined a six cylinder engine and front wheel drive, something that proved to be pioneering that was copied by many other manufacturers. We can supply car covers for all of these different vehicles produced in this period, and our car covers are produced to the highest standard possible. World War II saw the Auto Union factories taken over and retooled to be used for production of military equipment. They were severely damaged by allied bombing throughout the war until eventually being dismantled as alleged war reparations by the Russian Army. All of the assets of Auto Union were seized and the company ceased to exist in 1948. What little that remained of the Audi plant at Zwickau became the VEB Automobilwek Zwickau, and eventually production restarted of a limited number of pre-war models in 1949. Our car covers are an excellent fit for these post war Audi's, we can provide car covers for absolutely ever vehicle ever produced by the company.


In 1964 Volkswagen acquired the factory and the trademark to use the Auto Union name and began selling vehicles known as the Audi. Volkswagen continued to expand their portfolio by purchasing other assets and merging their Auto Union brand with NSU, a manufacturer of motorcycles that were currently building small cars. This new merged company was known as Audi NSU Auto Union AG, and this was the first time that Audi was used as a brand of its own since World War II. 1970 saw the Audi brand launched in the United States for the first time where it was met with critical acclaim. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength and many owners of vehicles from this company come straight to Just Car Covers for all of their car covers needs. We supply a free storage bag with each of our car covers and you will be amazed at how easy our car covers are to fit.