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Soft Indoor Car Cover - Aston Martin Cygnet These covers are designed for indoor use in garages and shelters, and they are constructed from poly-cotton and are fully breathable. They are double...
Soft Indoor Car Cover - Aston Martin Cygnet
Aston Martin Cygnet Waterproof Half Car Cover Our Aston Martin Cygnet waterproof half car covers are one of the best ways to keep the cockpit/cab area of your vehicle safe and sound, whether you are...
Waterproof Half Car Cover - Aston Martin CygnetWaterproof Half Car Cover - Aston Martin Cygnet
Aston Martin Cygnet Lightweight Breathable Car Cover If you are looking for a cover that is versatile, cost effective and very easy to use then our lightweight breathable car covers will be perfect...
Lightweight Breathable Car Cover - Aston Martin CygnetLightweight Breathable Car Cover - Aston Martin Cygnet
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The Aston Martin Cygnet is a charming and economical vehicle bearing the Aston Martin badge that was released in 2011. It has proved itself to be a force to be reckoned with, sales have been much higher than initially expected and new models are planned for the future. It is based around the popular Toyota iQ and as such we already stock a wide range of covers that are ideally matched to the Aston Martin Cygnet and we have collected them all here in this category for you to browse at your leisure before making a purchase.


We offer a number of different types of car cover for the Aston Martin Cygnet, which one is right for you depends on your circumstances, where you live, how you store your Cygnet and how often it is driven. Our most popular type of cover is our lightweight breathable design. This is versatile as it can be used indoors and outdoors in various weathers. It is the perfect way to protect your Aston Martin from bird mess, tree sap, dirt, grime, and general muck, knocks and scrapes. It is easy to fit and can be fitted to a wet vehicle thanks to the use of a unique breathable fabric in its design. This allows moisture to evaporate away from your vehicle as the sun comes out and temperature increases, leaving it dry as though it had warmed naturally without a car cover fitted.


We stock a range of heavy duty waterproof car covers as well, these are ideal for Aston Martin Cygnet owners who tend to keep their vehicles parked outside for long periods of time without use. They offer the best protection money can buy and boast a dual layer system featuring a soft cotton lining coupled with a tough and durable outer layer. The outer layer ensures waterproofing and weather resistance whilst the inner layer keeps the bodywork and paintwork of your Aston Martin Cygnet in excellent condition.


We also stock the versatile waterproof half cover for the Aston Martin Cygnet. As the name suggests this fits simply and easily over the top half of your vehicle using a pair of elasticated wing mirror pockets and a pair of large elasticated straps that loop under the front and rear. Once in place (a trivial matter that takes mere seconds) it becomes the perfect addition to any vehicle; not only will it keep your windows frost free in winter but it will keep your interior cool during the hot summer months thanks to the silver polyester that we craft these covers from.